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Welcome to Ringways News & Events

  • Ringways Motor Group WINS TOP FORD AWARD

    Last week we were honoured to be presented with the The Chairmans Award 2012 from Mark Ovenden, Chairman and Managing Director Ford of Britain at our Leeds dealership on Whitehall Road

    Ringways has received the award after being rated as one of Ford's finest UK dealerships by our customers which is just fantastic!

    Extensive research is continuously carried out by Ford to assess exactly how customers feel about the quality of attention they receive from their dealer - whether buying a new vehicle or having the vehicle serviced. For the winning dealerships this programme confirms they not only meet but exceed their customers' expectations.

    When asked about the award Mark Ovenden said "This award recognises the commitment and outstanding achievement of Ringways Motor Group in 2012. Being a winner places this dealership amongst the very best in the Ford of Britain.  Their focus and ability to deliver excellence in customer satisfaction performance, vehicle sales, finance penetration and parts sales helps to mark both the dealership and Ford out as market leader, allowing us to jointly maximise revenue and profits."

    Ringways Managing Director Mr Stephen Russell, said: "We are delighted and proud to receive the Chairman's Award. It is the ultimate test of the service we provide because it is judged by our customers. It is a real tribute to the excellence and dedication of all our staff and a fitting recognition of their commitment to customer satisfaction."



  • VIP Event

    From the 5th to the 8th September we closed our doors to the general public and transformed the dealership in to an exclusive, invitation only VIP event with special celebrity appearances for the odd photo opportunity

    With blacked out windows, a red carpet welcome and even our MD and Development Director on duty as VIP valet parking attendants we were ready to meet and greet our specially selected customers.

    Music filled the showrooms coupled with lighting and refreshments  giving the whole delaerhsip a fantastic atmosphere and even the kids were entertained with a lucky dip, colouring competition and games on the iPads

    With huge savings across our New Ford, Used Ford, New Kia, Used Kia and Kia Fleet ranges plus additional extras such as free diamondbrite and servicing packages we had a great time helping our customers to choose their next vehicle

    Over the 4 days we welcomed over 100 customers to walk down the red carpet and helped 86 customers to find their perfect vehicle!

    If you missed out on this VIP event keep your eyes peeled for our next one in March 2014!!

  • Should parents pay their teens' car insurance?

    These days the cost of getting your teenager on the road can seem astronomical. Driving lessons and a car will pretty much empty the old piggy bank, leaving little for petrol, road tax and car insurance cover.

    For many teenagers, the stark realisation that they'll have to shell out their nominal incomes to cover these costs can make motoring independence an almost unachievable dream.
    That's why so many parents are footing the bill for their teens. Before you put your hand in your pocket, read on to hear how to keep costs down.

    Why is it so expensive?

    One word: risk. Younger drivers pose a much higher risk to insurance companies and typically make bigger claims. So while your teen might be road safety incarnate and never need to make a claim, their age is still likely to work against you.

    So what should you do?

    Well, try to choose a car with a small engine. 'Boy racer' modifications can up your teen's insurance costs considerably – and many insurance policies won't cover modified cars at all.
    You can also teach your teen the importance of driving carefully and safely – the more accident and claim-free years they have, the lower their insurance policy will be in the future.

    And what shouldn't you do?

    There are other ways some people minimise their teen's car insurance premium – not all of them legal, desirable or beneficial to anyone. Make sure you know all the implications before considering the following:


    You might think that making your teen a named driver on your own policy is the best way to avoid a huge insurance bill. But beware. This is a viable option only if your teen borrows your car from time to time.
    If you claim to be the main driver of your teen's vehicle when in fact your not, this is a fraudulent act known as 'fronting' the policy. If your teen has an accident, the insurer could not only refuse to pay out, but could also prosecute.

    Don't risk your no claims discount

    If your teenager really is the second driver of your car, then adding them to your own insurance policy could be a good solution. However, your own insurance premium could well go up and you risk losing your no claim discount if they ever have an accident.
    Talking of no claim discounts, some policies don't allow named drivers to build these , meaning your teenager won't reap the benefit of careful driving until they get their own car and insurance policy.

    Other alternatives

    If you want to strike the middle ground, you could cover a percentage of the insurance cost and let them pay the remainder. Sharing the cost may still help teach your teen the true cost of motoring, encouraging him or her to drive safely and take motoring seriously.

    This guest post was written on behalf of Money Matters, the Sainsbury's Bank blog. The views expressed in this post are those of the author and not of Sainsbury's Bank. Though it may include tips and information, it does not constitute advice and should not be used as a basis for any financial decisions. Sainsbury's Bank accepts no responsibility for the opinions and views of external contributors and the content of external websites included within this post. All information in this post was correct at date of publication.



  • Ringways Kia doncaster Has Moved!

    Press release Ringways Kia

    Launch Date: Friday 22nd February 2013

    Ringways Kia on Wheatley Hall Road in Doncaster closed its doors for the last time on January 25th but only because they moved to bigger and better premises across the town in Balby.

    The exciting opportunity arose in 2012 when Group Managing Director, Stephen Russell made the decision to invest in refurbishing an old Harley Davidson site behind B&Q depot.

    To mark the opening on Friday 22nd February Paul Philpott, the President and CEO of Kia Motors UK Limited, will officially open the dealership, closely followed by a fun filled launch weekend packed with exclusive offers on all the latest Kia models with the chance to win a romantic weekend away for two!

    Popular local radio station, TraxFM will be joining Ringways Motor Group and giving away goodie bags to everyone who joins in with their opening celebration. The winner of the weekend away will also be announced live on air, on Sunday 24th February – it’s surely a KIA event not to be missed.


    We are proud to be celebrating receiving a second Commended Award from Motability Operations for our dedication to working in partnership with Motability, and our continued commitment to providing all our customers with excellent service and support


    Explaining the reasons for our commended status, Mike Betts, chief executive, Motability Operations, said:


    “A new recruitment drive to increase awareness of Motability both throughout the business and in the local community has generated great returns for Ringways in both Leeds and Doncaster. The resulting strong community relationships, marketing and excellent customer service have all contributed to Ringways achieving a commendation at the Motability Supplier Awards. In particular, Motability was pleased to see a boost in the number of trained, accredited Motability Specialists which means there is always an expert on hand whenever the dealership is open. Well done to Ringways.”


    The Motability Supplier Awards recognise the performance and consistent excellence across all the different disciplines involved in delivering both the Car Scheme and the Powered Wheelchair and Scooter Scheme. Ranging from car manufacturers, adaptation and conversion specialists to local dealers, who are the face of the Motability Scheme, all winners have delivered the highest standards.