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Vehicle body repair using dent buffer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Estimate and Claims Process

How do I get an estimate prior to the repairs being carried out?

Estimates are provided by appointment only.

What documents will I need to bring with me?

Driving license, proof of identity, insurance policy document and copy of your claim form (if available).

What if I have problems with my claim?

Because we are aware of industry requirements, we can normally speed up the claim to repair authorisation process.

Repair Booking and Progression

How long will it take before you can start the work?

Work will begin once we have authorisation from your insurer or your authority if you decide to pay for the repair.

Why can delays occur during the repair process?

Various reason may cause delay, the most common being; obtaining authorisation, parts delays or additional parts.

Will you carry out all the repairs estimated?

Normally yes, but claims are subject to your insurance company approval.

Will my car be driven by your staff?

Yes for collection and redelivery. We may also perform a road test after the repair process.

How will I know when the work is finished?

We will inform you a day before your car is ready for collection.

Payments Required

How much will I be liable to pay myself?

We examine the level of cover and notify you of any excess that may be required to pay, this is normally a one-off payment. However, some claims may be subject to VAT and/or betterment charges imposed by your insurer.

How can I pay?

We accept any major credit or debit card. Cheques will not be accepted.

After Sales Guarantee

What if something goes wrong later on?

Should there be any problem post-repair, you can return to us under guarantee.

Replacement/Courtesy Cars

Will I get a courtesy car?

Subject to your insurer, we normally organise a courtesy car for you.

What if I damage your courtesy car?

You will be liable for any damage (including scuffs, soiled trim or third party damage) plus any fixed penalty notices, speeding fines and/or congestion charges. Unpaid fines notified to Ringways will incur additional management charges.


If you still need to ask us a question please call our dedicated customer team on 0113 3997310 or FILL OUT CONTACT FORM BY clickING BELOW.


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