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New Transit Custom 280 L1 2.0L EcoBlue 105PS Ringways Price: £20,489 + VAT

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Transit Custom mHEV 340 L1 Limited 2.0L 130PS Ringways Price: £24,922 + VAT

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Advanced technologies for a better driving experience

There are a range of smart features in the Transit Custom, each one designed to make your driving experience easier and let you concentrate fully on the road ahead.

Adaptive Cruise Control, for instance, lets you maintain a distance of your choosing from the car in front without the need to even touch the brake or accelerator.

It’s not always possible to always stay under the speed limit, even when you’re vigilant. Intelligent Speed Assist is able to recognise the current limit and sets your maximum speed accordingly.

When you’re reversing out of a space into a busy road, Cross Traffic Alert lets you know if there’s any oncoming traffic that you might not be able to see.

Outstanding loadspace

The Transit Custom is best-in-class when it comes to loadspace. It can easily handle standard 8′ x 4′ boards laid flat or three euro pallets. With the ingenious load-through hatch you can store items as long as 3.4m without the need to take the front passenger seat out of service.

There’s 6 cubic metres of loadspace in the short wheelbase version, while the long wheelbase offers an outstanding 6.8 cubic metres. No other similar van has a wider side load door-opening, and the door is even more secure when open with a new holding mechanism.

On the straight and narrow

If you ever need to tow a trailer, the Transit Custom’s Trailer Sway Control is able to pick up any trailer sway and reduce the vehicle’s speed accordingly. By steadily applying brake pressure to the wheels, Sway Control slows the van down and allows for safer towing.

New Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid

Ford’s advanced electric powertrain in the future of commercial vehicles. The New Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid can be run fully on electric power alone but still retains all of the practical features that make the Transit Custom the nation’s favourite commercial vehicle.

When fully charged the New Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid gives you around 35 miles using just the electric motor. That reduces fuel consumption for those short trips across the city, saving you money and reducing the vehicle’s environmental impact at the same time.

For longer trips the 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine brings the van’s range to over 300 miles, with regenerative working along the way to recharge the battery and increase efficiency.

Increased efficiency doesn’t mean reduced capacity, though. The New Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid can carry a gross payload of over 1,00kg and there’s over six cubic metres of loadspace, as well as the largest side-opening door of any vehicle in the same class.

Ringways’ Verdict

“The Transit Custom has always been known as a bit of a tough cookie. Reliable and functional, the  Ford Transit Custom still retains all of its renowned toughness but comes with a modern facelift, a wide range of smart technologies and improved efficiency.

And with even greater standards of craftsmanship and design, the  Transit Custom is as good to look at as it is to drive.”

Mike Haley – Commercial Vehicles Sales Manager

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