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Kia XCeed £500 Loyalty Offer

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You can now save an additional £500 on a new Kia Xceed when you trade in your current Kia at Ringways Kia Leeds or Doncaster.

Now is the perfect time to upgrade with us and save yourself some money!

Not to mention that all new Kia vehicles come with an Industry Leading 7 Year Warranty.

Contact us today to see how we can help keep you in the Kia Family.

Call our Guest Experience Hosts on 0345 415 0415 or request contact below.

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Terms and conditions:

  • £500 (inc. VAT) saving on the price of an XCeed for customers trading in their current Kia or currently owning a Kia (any model) to buy an XCeed registered as Private Other (PP) between 1st April & 30th June 2022.
  • The name shown on the previous Kia’s V5must match the new vehicle’s.
  • We will only allow the new owner’s name to be different from the current owner’s name in case of a wife/husband/partner or parent/child relationship. In this case, we require the following documents to confirm the relationship. Parent/child – Birth Certificate. Wife/husband/partner – Proof of address if the address on the V5 does not match that on the order. A marriage certificate may be required.
  • The current Kia must have been owned by the new car customer for a minimum of three months prior to the new car’s registration date.