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Proud to be Different

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Explore The Fiesta Sports Van

Fiesta Sports Van
Fiesta Sports Van
Fiesta Sports Van
Fiesta Sports Van
Fiesta Sports Van
Fiesta Sports Van
Fiesta Sports Van
Fiesta Sports Van

Loads of load space

With an impressive rear load space of 0.96m3 and four practical tie-down points, the All-New Fiesta Van lets you safely transport items big and small without any worries about them moving around during the drive.

Adaptive cruise control

Set your speed and enjoy the drive. Adaptive Cruise Control maintains a pre-set speed and monitors the road ahead, using the inbuilt radar to detect any vehicles up ahead and applying the brakes on the Fiesta Van as necessary. If the road opens up again the system will accelerate and return you to your initial speed.

Fiesta Sports Van
Fiesta Sports Van
Fiesta Sports Van

Hands-free, hassle free

There's nothing worse than getting to the van, hands full to the brim, and realising your keys aren't there in your hand. The Ford KeyFree System lets you access the All-New Fiesta Van when your keys are in your bag or pocket - just walk towards the vehicle and KeyFree will detect your key fob nearby.

Keep yourself warm

It's not nice jumping into a freezing cold van on a chilly morning and waiting for it to warm up. Take the option of heated front seats in the All-New Fiesta Van and you'll never have to feel the chill again. That option also comes with a heated steering wheel to keep your hands warm, helping you to stay comfortable throughout the journey and focus fully on the drive.

Fiesta Sports Van
Fiesta Sports Van
Fiesta Sports Van

Stay in your lane

Lane Keeping Alert comes as standard with the All-New Ford Fiesta Van. It keeps an eye on the road and can detect if you begin to drift out of the lane you're travelling in, even stepping in to provide steering assistance to guide you back if necessary.

Ringways' verdict

"It's important to strike the right balance between work and play. The All-New Fiesta Van does this perfectly, blending good looks and fun driving with practical features designed for business.

There's a good amount of space in the back for you to transport tools or cargo, while the spacious front cabin gives you plenty of room to relax and enjoy the drive.

It has all the practicality of a Ford commercial vehicle alongside the signature drivability of a Ford Fiesta."

Mike Haley – Commercial Vehicles Sales Manager

Comfortable and connected


Together with the FordPass2.0 App customers can interact with their new car like never before! Embedded Modem for connectivity on the move.

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Tel: 0113 2634222

* FordPass Connect is an optional extra. The on-board modem will be connected at the time of vehicle delivery. You may choose to opt in/opt out of certain data sharing.

[††] Live Traffic access is complimentary for the first 2 years following the purchase of a new Ford featuring SYNC 3 with navigation; thereafter a licence fee is payable.

[‡‡] Wi-Fi Hotspot (up to 4G) includes complimentary wireless data trial that begins at time of activation and expires at the end of 3 months or when 3GB of data is used, whichever comes first. Afterwards a subscription to Vodafone is required, refer to their website for detail of their data packages. To take advantage of the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot capability, a 2018 Ford vehicle must come with the appropriate hardware, and a data plan is required. Data coverage and service is not available everywhere and terms of your data plan, including applicable message and data rates, may apply.

[**] eCall is a European Commission initiative which mandates an in-vehicle system that calls emergency services if an automatic eCall event is activated by detection of a serious road accident, or if a manual eCall is triggered by a vehicle occupants. 

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