Ringways is proud to work with a number of organisations which work to improve the lives of all in our community. One of those is the Howarth Foundation, who do wonderful things to get people with addiction issues back on their feet.

Here our Managing Director Stephen Russell talks about Ringways team member Scott Mead.

Working with the Howarth Foundation

Following an initial discussion with the Howarth team a proposal was developed to actively get involved in the recruitment of one of the Foundation’s clients, Scott Mead.
With some apprehension on my behalf, we agreed to meet and interview Scott, and take up his offer to fully discuss his journey including the highs and lows of his experience over the past three years; a very difficult conversation to have with someone who had been, as Scott put it “on walkabout” for a long period of time.

However, it helped me to understand how much work Scott, St George’s Crypt’s 12 month Growing Rooms programme, supporting addiction to rehabilitation, and The Howarth Foundation had put in to prepare Scott to meet a prospective employer and to give him the confidence that all three parties were committed to making his employment with Ringways stable, meaningful and beneficial to all concerned.

Scott and Ringways

But as always the exercise is about Scott and the feedback from his co-workers both as an individual and as a Ringways employee is positive.

Scott is always on time, ready to listen and provides feedback regarding his duties. He is a very positive member of the team and although he is still working through some of his previous experiences this has not affected or has been a concern to the business in any way.

Scott has been allocated his own personal contact through my P.A so that he always has an ‘ear’ should he experience any difficulties and as MD. I pop over to have a catch-up with Scott every week but it’s just more of a quick hello and nod and a wink to let him know he’s still on my radar.

He has my support and that I’m available if he needs any help.

I have to say that, to-date (and whilst it is still very early days) I am delighted with Scott and proud to have taken the decision to move out of my comfort zone for the greater good.

Posted on 28th March 2019