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Which Finance Plan Is Right For You?

One size does not fit all: that's true for vehicles and it's true for payment plans. We have a number of ways to finance your vehicle.

Before you make your decision, please read the below or watch one of our videos below:

What is PCP?

If you enjoy the buzz of buying a new car, take a look at our Personal Contract Purchase Plan. Put simply, it's a short-term finance agreement that'll help you change your vehicle more regularly.

The benefits

  • Shorter term finance agreement means you get to change your car more regularly
  • Flexibility to keep, return or exchange your vehicle when the agreement ends
  • Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) protects you against any potential falls in used car prices

Pick your dream vehicle - used or new. Then roughly estimate what your annual mileage will be.

Based on what you've told us, we'll work out the anticipated market value for your car once your contract finishes - i.e. the GFV.

Then we'll add any interest charges and take off your deposit, plus the GFV, from the price of your new vehicle - to work out what regular payments you'll need to make You're free to drive away in your brand new vehicle once your agreement becomes official.

Keep - Just pay off the GFV - something we may even be able to help you finance.

Return - As long as it's in good condition and within the agreed mileage, there'll be nothing more to pay.

Swap - If you'd like to choose another vehicle, you can use the GFV towards a deposit.But you're never tied down - you can trade in your car or sell it privately provided you've settled your account i.e. paid the GFV.

If you're set on buying your vehicle, there's no need to get weighed down by the total cost of your car.

The benefits

  • Manageable monthly payments
  • Fixed rate, know exactly what you're paying from the start
  • Once all payments are paid the vehicle is yours.

Pay a fixed deposit, depending on the price of the car you want.
The rest is split into monthly payments over one to five years.
At the end of your contract when you've made your final payment, the car's all yours.

What is HP?
What is PCH?

If you're not looking to buy the car at the end of your contract Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is a type of long-term rental that will suit you.

The benefits

  • Fixed monthly payments
  • No big balloon payment
  • Return or exchange your vehicle when the agreement ends

You lease the car for an agreed period of time by making fixed monthly payments. When the contract expires, you simply return your car or take out a new contract on a new vehicle.


Finance subject to status. Guarantees/indemnities may be required. Treating customers fairly is a core principle at Ringways. If, at any time, you believe that we have failed to live up to this principle please contact us.

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