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Ford Ranger

2.0 EcoBlue Double Cab Wildtrak 213PS Auto

£460.32 per month + VAT

Initial rental £2761.92 + VAT

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Ford Transit Courier

1.0T EcoBoost 100PS

£241.98 per month + VAT

Initial rental £1451.88 + VAT

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Ford Transit Custom

2.0 EcoBlue 280 L1 H1 130PS FWD

£396.84 per month + VAT

Initial rental £2381.04 + VAT

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Fiesta Van

1.0L EcoBoost Sport 125PS

£237.22 per month + VAT

Initial rental £1639.32 + VAT

*Example monthly rentals over 4 years on Ford Contract Hire with Ford Lease. Initial rental based on 6 monthly rentals, 10,000 miles per annum.

Ford Personal Car Leasing With Ringways Leasing

Leasing a vehicle can be confusing. If you’re thinking about getting a car on personal contract hire, we’ve laid out all the important information you need to help you make the right decision.

  • Choose your budget. The first and arguably the most important step is deciding how much you’re able to spend on the initial and monthly rentals.
  • Find a deal. There’s a range of leasing deals available to you on the site. Have a browse through and use the navigation to find a deal which suits your needs.
  • Contact us. Once you’ve found a deal, get in touch with us using the enquiry form or call 0113 399 7369 to speak with a member of the Ringways team.
  • Pick your van up. Drop in to Ringways in Leeds to pick the van up and drive it away!
  • Pay each month. You need to make set monthly payments for the lease van until the specified end date on the contract.
  • Contract ends. At the end of the contract you simply return the van to us with nothing else to pay, as long as it’s in good condition and hasn’t exceeded the contract mileage.
  • Choose another lease van! Leasing allows you a lot of flexibility if your circumstances change or if you simply want a different van. At the end of one lease contract you’re able to move on to another one which better suits your needs.

What Is Contract Hire?

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) or Business Contract Hire (BCH) is an attractive alternative to buying a new van outright. You can lease a van over 24, 36 or 48 months, paying a one-off initial rental followed by set monthly payments until the end of the contract. At the end of the contract term you can find another van and leasing deal. It gives you the flexibility of customising your rental term and mileage, while packages covering servicing and repairs can be added on for extra convenience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Any new Ford vehicle can be leased. You can also specify any particular colour or additional options you might want, but these will usually affect the cost of monthly rentals.

No. The monthly rental cost you agree to when you sign the contract is fixed and will not change.

It is possible but depends on the type of leasing agreement you signed up to.

Yes you can, but it some circumstances it might not be possible. Speak to one of our finance specialists to see if it’s possible.

You can’t make any changes to your annual mileage in the first 6 months of the contract. After 6 months it’s possible to alter your annual mileage.

All leasing costs are collected by direct debit.

A replacement vehicle isn’t given as standard, but another rental vehicle can be arranged.

If you take a leasing offer without a maintenance package, you are responsible for ensuring the car remains in a roadworthy condition and you must have the car serviced when required. Maintenance packages are available with all leasing contracts. These can save you both time, money, and peace of mind.

Providing the vehicle is in good condition and the mileage has not been exceeded, simply return the vehicle to us at the end of the contract term. You will be reminded by post around 45 days before the contract ends.

The leasing contract does not not allow you to buy the lease vehicle. You can buy the same model, however, as long as we have it as part of our new Ford vehicle stock.